The Joy of a Magical Passover

Passover is my husband’s favorite holiday. He loves the words of the seder. He likes the rhythm of the seasons. The rebirth of spring. The clarion call of social justice and freedom. The food.

Every year we try to do something a little different. This year we need a little magic.

Magic, you say. You bet. The plagues were magic tricks. Pharaoh’s change of heart might have been a magic trick. The Angel of Death passing over. BIG magic trick. The parting of the sea was a giant magic trick. Getting the matzah balls done at the right time and be fluffy may be a magic trick. Keeping the kids awake? The afikomen disappearing? Elijah appearing? Having enough room at the table is always something of a trick.

Once I remember making the waters of the Red Sea part in a bowl. I no longer have the recipe.

Maybe my collection of magic wands and pixie dust will help. I just bought The (Unofficial) Hogworts Hagaddah. Perhaps there will be something in there.

There is a kit to add magic tricks to your seder. And a PJ Library book called Passover Magic.

So I have some questions. Four. It’s Passover.

  1. What is the most magical place to have a seder? (I vote for the Adventure Rabbi in Moab UT, although I have never been!)
  2. What was your favorite seder and why? What made it magical?
  3. What elements of magic can you add to your seder this year?
  4. What food for the seder can you make that will be magical?

Send me your ideas and I will incorporate them into the Community Seder at Congregation Kneseth Israel on the Second Night, April 11.

Passover should be celebrated with joy. It should be fun. Sometimes we make it too complex. Maybe the magical moment is having everyone gathered around the table. Maybe it is using paper plates so clean up is magical. Or the kids proudly asking the Four Questions. After all, one of those questions asks us why on this night do we recline, to relax. The answer is because we are free.

Maybe this Magical Passover will be just what this rabbi orders.

Other Passover offerings at CKI:
Fast of the First Born Study Session and Breakfast
8:00 AM April 10th
Come finish learning about the Joy of Welcoming and then join me for the last chamatz breakfast at Arabica Café. We will be done by 10! You don’t have to be a first born, you don’t even have to be Jewish. Just come learn.

Second Night Community Seder: A Magical Passover
6PM April 11th.
Get your RSVP in. They are due March 31st (That’s tomorrow!)

Kabbalat Shabbat Services with special Oneg Shabbat:
7:30 April 14

Shabbat Morning Services with special Kiddush:
9:30 AM April 15

Omer Study Project:
Immediately after services and Kiddush until 1PM on Saturdays, for seven weeks
Finding Joy: A Practical Spiritual Guide to Happiness. We will spend the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot reading this book that gives us a very Jewish framework for finding joy. Each week’s reading is short with some exercises to try, or not, during the week.

Yizkor Services
8:00 AM April 18

Sisterhood Post-Passover Pasta Event
Details to follow